Jeena madam wants proper sanitary facilities

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Rosemary Felicia Perera alias Jeena Madam who was charged with procuring local and foreign women for prostitution and serving a jail term at the Kalutara prison yesterday requested Court for a transfer to the Welikada Prison because she was not receiving proper sanitary facilities there.

Ms. Perera made this request when she was produced before the Colombo Fort Magistrate in a case where she is charged with the possession of a leopard skin without a valid permit.

She told Court that she had not been provided with proper sanitary facilities by the Kalutara prison authorities.

“I am suffering from glaucoma, an eye disease and as such I have to wash my eyes regularly. The authorities are not providing the water for this purpose. I am also suffering from diabetes and symptoms of high blood pressure. The required sanitary facilities were provided to me when I was at the Welikada prison,” Ms. Perera said.

Magistrate Kanishla Wijeratne said he did not have authority to make such an order because she had been sentenced by the High Court. The Magistrate said he could only make an order directing the prison authorities to provide the required medical facilities in the prison.

The Magistrate then ordered the prison authorities to provide the required medical facilities Ms. Perera.

Meanwhile, the leopard skin case was postponed for February 15 since the regular prosecution officer was not present in Court. President’s Counsel Rienzie Arsekularatne with counsel Wasantha Batagoda appeared for the defence.

In this case, the Divisional Vice Squad had filed action against Rosemary Felicia Perera alleging that she possessed a leopard skin without a valid permit.(Lakmal Sooriyagoda)

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