Sri Lankan in Miss Italia contest

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Nayomi Andibuduge charmed the panel of judges to earn her rightful spot at the Miss Italia contest underway currently. 
The brunette beauty born to Sri Lankan parents Reymond and Sandhya is currently competing in the final phase of the special edition Miss Italia competition conducted with the participation of Italian citizens who have foreign origins. 
Nayomi is currently in the process of obtaining an Italian resident visa and feels that she qualifies to apply for one since she has been born and bred in the country and has schooled there all her life. 

The brown eyed bombshell has a high school diploma under her belt and plans to attend college to follow a course in Architecture, proving her mettle as more than just another pretty face. 
In her letter to the Italian President Nayomi was quoted stating “My name is Nayomi Andibuduge and I am participating in the contest” Miss Italy “in Montecatini. I’m eighteen years old and I was born in Rome. And I would like to have Italian citizenship, citizenship that I have “the right” for being born in Italy to parents of Sri Lanka for decades living in your (our) country.” 
When asked about her decision to write to the president she had responded stating that she would like to be a resident of Italy in all regards and is happy to continue living in the country. 
The finals of the contest along with the Miss Italy mainstay pageant are scheduled to take place on the 09th and 10th of September respectively.


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